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Life with 3 kids + Postpartum journey // How it’s been…

Life with 3 kids + Postpartum journey // How it's been... It has been a long time coming. This post. I finally am sitting down, my favourite playlist (as of late) on. My Matcha latte warm in hand and fire going. Its nap time, and this, this is where I refill my cup. I have heard it over and over in random places lately - you can't pour from an empty cup. So I sit here and refill mine. I don't have a direction for this, but writing has always brought me joy, its something engrained in my being, so I will let it flow, like it does. I hope that through sharing that even if one person finds themselves in this place in life, they hear words of hope. Thats always my goal in everything. That I would be anchored in hope and love. I will state this may be a trigger for some who have dealt with postpartum anxiety or depression, but that being said its more about healing and redemption, and you may find something healing in it for yourself too. So if this is you dear friend be easy with your heart and I just wanted you to know before you read on.. It's been rough. Plain and simple. There has been many MANY great days and moments but postpartum isn't always a walk in the park. When Bowen was born he was pretty sick and never slept, I was so exhausted and was plagued with postpartum Anxiety. It was debilitating, to the point I couldn't even drive over bridges because the anxiety of how I would get Bowen to safety or how we were to survive if the bridge crumbled beneath us. I … [Read More...]

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Holland Alida, September 27th 2018

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